Monday, June 27, 2011

It was another busy weekend.  Had to make a run into town with my father-in-law to pick up a few things.  Max and I worked out in the yard most of the afternoon.  I had to try out the new gas powered weed-eater that my husband bought.  Got a lot of the weeds cut down but you can't really tell as I was having to chase Max around the property. So I got a little cut here, and a little cut there.  LOL.

The bad news was, that I lost the last turkey chick out of the five I bought in May.  I am not sure why they all died.  However, I am trying to look on it as a good thing since I have been laid off and turkeys take a lot of feed to get to market weight.

Speaking of a lot of feed, my rabbits are going through feed like crazy.  I didn't realize until the other night that I was feeding 30 of them right now!!  WOW!  9 of them will be getting butchered soon so that will help.  And another 14-16 will get butchered in August.  Then we will be out of baby bunnies until fall.

I am going to do some experimenting with rabbit meat this time.  Normally, I just leave them whole and roast or fry them up.  Occasionally I will boil one, chop up the meat and keep it in the freezer for quick fix tacos, enchiladas or soup.  This time, I am going to grind up most of the meat and make some meatballs, sausage and also try mixing some with beef hamburger.  I usually mix our hamburger 50/50 with ground turkey to save money but ground turkey is just about the same price as hamburger now days.   I will keep you updated on how it comes out.

The goats are doing good and I have integrated the two new ones in with the rest of the herd so that makes it a little easier on me.  I really should keep the females separate at feeding time but I am going to keep them together for the time being.

The chickens are still laying great.  I am getting at least 2 dozen eggs a day.  I think I have around 15 dozen to turn in today.  I hope they keep it up because they are the only things really paying for themselves at the moment.  I just have to figure out how to get the rest of them to work for their feed!  Maybe I should start a petting zoo...

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