Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to Stony Bear Farm!
I want this blog to be about our journey of taking an overgrown piece of land and hopefully, turning it into something that is at least paying for itself.  This journey not only involves me, my husband and our two boys, but also my wonderful in-laws, as they are actually the ones that purchased the land in 2007.
To give you a bit of a background on us, my in-laws decided they weren’t going to get very far on their retirement and wanted to do something to supplement their income.  My mother-in-law had done some research and really wanted to start raising alpacas.  Because both of my in-laws are legally blind, they invited us to go in on this venture with them.  We talked about it and agreed.
So they found a 10 acre farm with a 20 x 40 shop, 2 dilapidated barns and one very small, very worn out house and bought it.  We did a burn to learn on the old house and put a triple wide and a double wide manufactured home side-by-side and connected the two houses.  We will skip over the bad parts which consisted of a contractor with cranial-rectal syndrome.
Currently, we have around 35 chickens, 6 ducks, 3 guineas, 2 turkeys, 1 mixed breed goat and 9 Nigerian goats.  As well as 2 hives of honey bees and, currently, 30 American (meat) rabbits, although that number will be going down very soon.
So I will be talking about what it takes to get our farm project going, what works and what didn’t.  Hopefully, this will help other people who are just starting out also.  I know that I am always looking for information on how to do this, that and the other thing and not always finding it so hopefully this will help.
Good luck to us all!

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